Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve a common problem and help others recover from their addiction.

The best way to reach someone is to speak to them on a common level. The members of C.A. are all recovering addicts who maintain their individual sobriety by working with others.


Logo concept

The idea for the overall concept of the identity is to combine the words “Cocaine” and ”Anonymous” into one visual element.

A line of cocaine is the most recognisable symbol for cocaine. This is the way most people have seen and experienced the drug. The “anonymous beam” is something we are all familiar with, because of its presence in the media. It is a quick tool for masking a persons identity.

By combining these two visual symbols we create our very own visual element: The “Cocaine Anonymous” beam.



The images are up-close and personal with a little hint of a background. This symbolises open-mindedness, life, vulnerability and acceptance.

The personality of the person in the image is reflected by a smile, a frown, a tattoo or something else. It is the small details that are important.

Combining the imagery with the primary colors – Hope and Courage – we tie together the symbolism behind the colors and the open-mindedness of the people in the images. This is the essence of Cocaine Anonymous.


Visual identity

The new identity is a combination of the imagery and the concept of the “Cocain Anonymous” beam.

By combining the “Cocaine Anonymous” beam with the image of a person, we remove their identity making them anonymous. And by doing that, we say that the addiction can happen to anyone. Furthermore, the “Cocaine Anonymous” beam symbolizes the barrier people strugle with, when it comes to opening up to someone else about their addiction.

By using the colors in a fresh and vibrant way, we stand out in the endless sea of outdoor posters, flyers and businesscards we see everyday.

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